Glexso professionals provide security consultancy services, assist you in the management and coordination of your event and organize for you coming of travel delegations.

Backed by a huge experience in security matters, close protection, operational management and events, we propose specific solutions, tailored to your needs and of the highest quality.

About Glexso

Backed by a 15-year experience in the fields of security, prestige events and care of personalities we observe that it becomes more and more difficult to find a provider able to offer global solutions while ensuring accurate service and outstanding quality.

Glexso was developed as a result of this finding and a targeted analysis of the services market in Europe.
We have a clear goal: offering tailored solutions to the specific needs for each customer, this putting at first place a high-quality service.

The experience we have gained in the areas of security consultancy, events coordination and escort of personalities has enabled us to develop a real work expertise, an extensive partnership network and a recognition of the quality we provide.

We offer a precise, structured and qualitative approach and want to build with you a real and strong partnership. We will advise you closely, bring to you adapted solutions to your needs and guide you in the development and implementation of your projects. If necessary, we will also select on your behalf your security, events and/or mobility service providers.