Glexso offers her wellknown and proven expertise in many major events and/or protocol aspects in all Western Europe. We offers you several tailor made solutions to meet your requirements including among others recommended resources audit and analysis of your security plans, security features analysis and risk management, operational roadbook, badging plans, mobility management plan and specific departments coordination before and during your event.

We also offer a mobility management plan and the coordination of specific departments before and during your event, and this on demand.

Glexso assists you in the identification and management of the risks by providing you with a preventive and analytical approach.

To ensure the success of an event it is essential to work with the correct stakeholders so that they can provide their professional expertise. The event organizer is responsible for the security ressources put in place. However we can assist you in your event planification by ensuring this specific aspect of it.

These solutions relieve the organizers, project managers and coordinators of a part of their mission by entrusting professionals in this sector and are so able to focus on the other event aspects.

Our events services

  • Risk identification and management
  • Badging plan
  • Evacuation measures and emergency plans
  • Advice and set up of the security measures
  • Operational roadbook with the measures taken for the event
  • Operational coordination of the services during your event
  • Prestigious events and protocol specialization