Security Consultancy

The field of security consultancy requires an analytical, precise and strict approach. The risk analysis incurred by a company, a person or an event must be scalable and constantly reassessed. As a matter of fact a security consultant can only be effective if the processes put in place are constantly questioned and in the same time is attentive to the customer needs.

Our security consultants offer appropriate solutions to the security problematic while reflecting the protocol and commercial imperatives of the company as well as its image or the person who hires us.

The development of safety mechanisms starts with a situation and risks analysis, and the goals to achieve. By acting in this field our security consultants propose to carry out security system or existing guard service audits by various methods that we will then explain to you.

The various areas in which our security consultants work on are: effectiveness, prevention, risk management, improvement in quality and profitability and implementation of clear and structured operational procedures.

Glexso is a company recognized and authorized in the field of security consultancy by Belgian Ministry of Homeland Security.

Our services in security

  • Analysis and advice in security needs
  • Audits of existing security systems and services
  • Performance development and implementation of operational procedures
  • Comprehensive risk analysis and/or linked to specific goods, events or people to protect
  • Global or specific Risk Assessment